Sarahs Results

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Before going to Karen’s classes, I had been losing weight but then it stopped. I exercised 4-5 times a week and tried to stick to eating less. Nothing shifted! After seeing Karen I now eat more and exercise less and it works. i have been so surprised by my inch losses. The exercise sessions are great – they push you to your limit but they are so worth it when you see the results. Karen is really friendly and so supportive. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make and change and is willing to revolutionise the way they think it should be done! Thanks Karen – I’m fitter, healthier and happier than ever….well worth it!

Sarah xx

 Paulines Results


Hi Karen,
I would like to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for all your help and support I  could not have done it with out you,, you were always encouraging me each week all the text’s were  really helpful as  I felt that you were always on hand if i needed a boost  Although I have had personnel training before   I never got  all the information that you provided, showing me how our body works and what is good for us and how to balance things out, your work outs although hard have been enjoyable and  I looked forward to them as  I really felt that  I had worked hard in the half hour that we trained, as you said you don’t not have to slog yourself in the gym for hours on end If you do the exercises properly half an hour is all you need. Everyone has commented on how well I look and I feel so much better, my skin tone has improved ( the water obviously help’s ) and  I have loads more energy, I sleep far better which is so good as I can not remember the last time I had a good nights sleep as I usually wake up in the morning still feeling tired even though I had ten hours sleep, I really had to drag myself out of bed and I always felt tired during the day. All the recipes that you sent me were amazing as they gave me more ideas with what to do with my food to make it more interesting.

Thanks once again


                                                                                    Pams Results


lady in black

 When I started with you last August , I was feeling really low – hating my body and  the sloth I had allowed myself to become. I felt frumpy and invisible and thought the woman I enjoyed being in my late 30’s early 40’s had gone forever. I had saved some favourite dresses jeans etc for the maybe one day dream but really thought that was the end of my party girl days…….I did lack confidence and felt fat and unattractive.

I could tell within the first jump start weeks that changes were quickly starting to take place. It was only 9 inches to start with and a few pounds but I could nt believe that I was eating so much and slimming down. I remember the first night out after the jump start I got chatted up lol

Since then I have somehow managed to shed approx. a further 18 inches and my weight is 2 stone lighter than it was 18 months ago. I am not however obsessed with the scales and rarely go on them. I can tell from my clothes if I need to reign myself in. The biggest change I have found is in my confidence. I feel like I did 10 years ago before I got fat and frumpy. I can wear more figure hugging clothes and wear bodycon dresses again  – something which I never thought would happen. I can also get into my old jeans and now have a selection of skinny jeans. I do feel like I have a new lease of life – I am certainly going out more and having a good time.

I am enjoying being noticed again and do not feel invisible even though I am 51 lol. I feel healthier and have more energy since losing the inches and my blood pressure is lower. I also tend to moan less about aches and pain and have fewer headaches.

 Carlys Kick Start Results …


Hi Karen,
WOW is all i can say to my before and after pics, the difference is fabulous and i hadnt realised how much i had visually lost :-)
Thanks so much for all your help as i would still be fatter if it wasnt for you!!!
Carly x

Karen’s Results


Hi Karen
I Just wanted to say a massive thank you. Before signing up I had got myself into a rut and i needed something to shock my system into doing something about it. I was down, tired, lacked energy and drank wine most nights! You have got me back into regular exercise with your classes, conmpletely changed how I eat, and how I feel about food. I’ve never once said I was on a diet!!!1 (cos I’m not) I cant thank you enough cos I truly wouldn’t, couldn’t have done it without you xxxxxx
Karen Lyons

Jo’s Results


I am nearly at the end of my 24 Day Kick Start Course with Karen Austin. I attended a gym for 9 months 2-3 times a week and looked no different. Since working with Karen I have lost 6lbs, 11.5 inches and toned up by just changing my eating habits (actually eating more) and doing just 3 x half hour workouts a week. I have just 2 days to go but can already get in my shorts ready for Glastonbury on Thursday. I have learned so much of what i should be eating. I don’t think i will ever return to my old ways!!! Xxxx
Jo Crabb

Lisa’s Results


As a 43 year old woman who’s at that time of life where the metabolism changes!?! I was watching what I ate, doing more exercise, and couldn’t understand why I was putting on weight?? EVen my husband had to admit that I was doing more than i ever had, and it wasn’t working for me??
It was only when I started Karen’s Metabolic Effect that it all started to make sense. It’s not just a diet, it’s healthy eating, with the correct exercise plan, and Karen explains the science around the whole process!
In 24 days I have lost 6 lb but wait for it…. 13 inches!! I am amazed! And feel great! It’s just the start for me and I’m going to carry on as I’m well in the zone. If you follow Karen’s lead, you don’t feel like you’re on a diet so
you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. It’s hard work the exercise but it’s soooooo worth it. Thank you so much Karen Austin! You know your business, and I can honestly say my friends and I have had a life changing experience over the last 24 days. Big hugs! Lisa. Xxxx


Since Karen introduced me to her Metabolic Effect training Courses, I have never felt better. The training sessions were tough in the beginning, even for a girl who was already pretty fit but once it was coupled with the great nutrition advice Karen provides you with, you soon start to see the benefits and more importantly, feel the benefits of ME. Karen walks you through the whole process, slowly and steadily, step by step, sharing her knowledge with you….while you get your breath back from the training session! It’s important to her that you understand the ME process and her regular emails, texts, tips, updates and recipes help to keep you focused throughout. Before too long, making healthy food choices becomes a way of life…it’s a lifestyle change and you get to learn what a balanced plate of food should really look like.

Debbie’s Results

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I’ve been ‘one of Karen’s girls’ now for 12 months and I feel great…..I don’t look too bad either, having lost over 20 inches on the way but more importantly, my weight has stabilised for the first time in my life, my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, I have much more vitality and stamina and I don’t feel stuffed, bloated or lethargic when I’ve eaten a meal but the biggest bonus of all, is that eating the ME way controls my hormones….those hot flushes are a thing of the past, no more broken nights sleep which in turn means I have more energy….it’s a win win situation, so thanks Karen for helping me go from thinking I’m healthy to knowing I’m healthy.

Debbie Howarth

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