Photos_for_ME_advertising_smallKaren Austin is one of of the UKs leading fitness professionals and has been within the fitness industry now for 16 years teaching a variety of exercise classes and personal training sessions within private health clubs and the local community.

Karen is well known for getting Real Women who have tried every faddy diet going and are feeling beyond help, their bodies and most importantly their lives back.

After teaching regularly over 20 sessions a week and eating what Karen thought was a healthy calorie controlled diet she started noticing after initially losing weight that she started to regain the weight plus more and couldn’t understand how she was doing all this exercise, eating healthy and even ran a marathon for her body shape and weight not to change , She couldn’t possibly exercise anymore and eat any less, which is what traditionally is recommended by the medical profession and the diet and fitness Industry.

It was only when Karen discovered Dr Jade Teta and his Metabolic effect Team from America and started to study alongside him and qualified with his methods that it all began to click and make sense. Chemically we are as different on the inside as we are physically on the outside and that it is madness as well as impossible to treat weight loss as one size fits all approach. There is more to it then calories in and calories out, What about Hormones??? I mean as women we are a walking bag of hormones!!

Hormones are messengers within the body , they decide if we burn fat or store fat, where we store fat, eg hips, bums, thighs, belly’s etc… wether we are hungry, craving, lack energy plus what about when women age and the hormonal impacts that come along with it and how the body composition starts to change especially as the menopause approaches. If we can balance your hormones through the correct exercise, nutrition and lifestyle for the individual then that’s when the magic of fat loss will start to happen.

Karen believes it’s only fair that ALL women should know and have access to the secret of Fat loss and because of this opened the Topaz Fitness Academy to dispel the common myths , to spread the word and to help and educate as many women as possible to live a slimmer, healthier and happier live, after all every Woman deserves it!!!

Well known for her down to earth, friendly, and approachable nature Karen’s sessions are more than just exercise but an education, teaching you it takes more than just exercise to improve your body and health but its knowing and learning how your own individual body works, how everyone is different , that one size doesn’t fit all, and how nutritional needs, lifestyle and mind set is just as important if not more if you are wanting realistic and long term results.

If you would like to contact karen or to ask her any further questions please feel free to contact her via email at karen@topazfitnessacademy or by phone on 07966477151.

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