Are you stuck in the house and craving a good workout?


During this unsettling time I’m going to be inviting you to join me inside my Health & Fitness Rochdale/Oldham Facebook Group at 8.00am on a Monday morning for a free taster session

What a brilliant way to start the week.


Hi, I am Karen Austin and I will be looking after your mind, body and spirit during this time

    • Are you stuck inside?


    • Are you worried and anxious?


    • Always tired, no energy, stressed out to the max?


    • Is isolation getting on top of you?


    • Worried about piling on the pounds and your general health


    • If you have answered YES to all the above then don’t worry as these are the emotions I’m hearing from all my current clients and help is at hand.


It’s really important to stick to a routine during this difficult time and to communicate with others and to find that connection that we all need.

Client word cloud

But what is even better is the knock on effect these new feelings and emotions have on other aspects of their lives, eg confidence to put themselves forward for promotions, improved relationships, improved sex life, the confidence to get out of unhappy situations, more energy for the kids, improved health the list is endless…

So come on girls what you waiting for there is HOPE I promise and it’s my job to get you back out there fighting fit back into the real world when we can.


Here is the link to join my free group and to take part in my Live session this Monday at 8.00am 



Karen xxx


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