Have diets stopped working for you now?

This is totally normal- over the years yo-yo diets take their toll- over training places a part – our bodies change- and we are all getting older!

Hi I am Karen Austin and I will be educating you on hows and the whys this is happening and how to deal with it.


  • Approaching the wrong side of 30?
  • Realizing that the diets and exercise plans that previously once worked no longer have the desired results?
  • Fed up of trying to eat less and exercise more but yet feel fatter than ever?
  • Starting to worry about your health and current lifestyle?
  • Always tired, no energy, stressed out to the max?
  • Starting to feel invisible like you have past your sell by date?
  • Holding onto those vintage jeans in the back of the wardrobe (that you can just get past your knees  ) in the hope of that “one day”??
  • Fed up of leaving the house stressed out and moody after trying on every outfit in your wardrobe because just nothing is looking and feeling right on you anymore??
  • Using your weight and self body image as an excuse to prevent you from moving on in life?
  • Putting yourself under pressure that by 40 you should have everything figured out in life by now but you haven’t ?
  • Realizing that life is too short and you want to make the most of it now??
  • Still feeling and seeing yourself as 20 in your head and refuse to have a life of settling for second best , You want to get out there and enjoy life!! And why the Hell not!!???

If you have answered YES to all the above then don’t worry as these are the emotions I hear all the time from my girls as well as from myself!

Look just check out what some of my girls had to say to describe themselves and feelings after us working together on my Course’s

Sexier, Confident,
Slimmer, Leaner, Visible, Noticed, Focused, Energetic,
Life changing, Younger , Balanced moods, Less ratty, Healthier, Improved sleep, Educated, Got my Sparkle back ……….

But what is even better is the knock on effect these new feelings and emotions have on other aspects of their lives, eg confidence to put themselves forward for promotions, improved relationships, improved sex life, the confidence to get out of unhappy situations, more energy for the kids, improved over health the list is endless……

So come on girls what you waiting for there is HOPE I promise and it’s my job to get you back out there into the real world and live life to the full!!! After all 40 is the NEW 20!!

One of the first steps you can take is to download my free copy of my 5 biggest diet and exercise mistakes- and it won’t cost you a penny. (Top right)

And if you would like to try one of my classes just email me and I will book you a free trial at karen@topazfitnessacademy.com

Karen xxx

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